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The privilege of husband and wife to bring new life into the world is a gift from God. It is a sacred responsibility through which they participate in God's creative power. Natural family planning (NFP) helps the couple understand the beauty of this creative power by defining the scientific, natural, and moral aspects of family planning that allow couples either to achieve or postpone pregnancy. NFP is both life-giving, as it brings forth new life in the marital relationship, and love-giving, as it deepens and enriches the bond of love between husband and wife. It truly is good for body and soul!

Catholic Teaching

Discover the beauty of God's gift of marriage and its ability to give you a share in his creative love and power -- a love that brings new life into the world and increases and deepens the love of spouses.

What is NFP?

Learn about one of today's best kept secrets.

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Research includes the areas of: NFP, human fertility, and related issues. Great resource for promoting NFP or for your own education and understanding.

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The what, why, and who regarding NFP for couples, clergy, teachers, health care professionals, and anyone promoting the good of the family.

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What NFP was, is, and will be.

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Catch a glimpse into real-life stories by real-life people!  Discover how Natural Family Planning can affect your marriage . . .


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Natural family planning, or NFP, is an umbrella term for methods that allow a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy by monitoring the wife's fertility.

There are many different programs that provide methods of NFP. Each program teaches either the ovulation method or the sympto-thermal method. Each is a safe, natural, and reliable way of timing pregnancy.

In the Diocese of New Ulm, both NFP methods are being taught with three programs represented: FertilityCare (ovulation), NFP International (sympto-thermal), and Couple to Couple League (sympto-thermal).

  • For a list of NFP physicians, practitioners, and trainers in the Diocese of New Ulm, click here.

  • For more information on what NFP is, check out the July 2012 issue of The Prairie Catholic, page 10.

  • For more information on NFP and the programs in the diocese, contact Sr. Candace Fier, (507) 233-5328.