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So, you're interested in being a totus Tuus missionary...

Thanks be to God!

If you're interested in applying, simply request an application:

If you're interested in more information about being a missionary, view the booklet:


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Otherwise, here are some frequently asked questions:

What kind of commitment is it?
Training starts May 25 with a break from June 30 - July 4. The end-of-summer retreat finishes on August 5. You will have some weekends off, but by and large you are with your team on the weekends. There is some flexibility for major summer plans like weddings, but these must be approved first.

What are the qualifications?
The most basic qualifications are that you have graduated high school, are confirmed, and are a practicing Catholic. Beyond that, a desire to teach the Faith to others, particularly youth, is important.

What is the pay?
$230/week. Keep in mind, however, that all of your room and board is taken care of for the summer. Your expenses, then, are very minimal. If you are a driver for your team, you are reimbursed for mileage as well.

When do I need to submit my application by?
Friday, February 1, 2019. Although you may submit it after that date, please be aware that once the teams are filled, we cannot hire you.

Where can I get more information?
The "Totus Tuus Missionary Booklet" (red button above) is very comprehensive. If you have any questions beyond that, contact Kevin Losleben ( | 507-233-5327).

You'll make new friends in Christ!

You'll make new friends in Christ!

You may also get turned into a human pinata.

You may also get turned into a human pinata.