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Who: Two camps - one for those in grades 6-8 and one for those in grades 9-12.
What: Daily Mass and adoration, epic sports battles, great talks, fearless counselors, new and old friends, and ManBall! It's never a dull moment at Camp Greatness!
When: Middle school camp | July 25 (4 PM) - July 28 (1 PM)
High school camp | July 30 (noon) - August 2 (1 PM)
Where: Schoenstatt-on-the-Lake, Sleepy Eye
Why: Because you enjoy throwing dodgeballs at people. Because you enjoy spending time outdoors. Because you enjoy hanging out with other guys your age. Because you enjoy adoration. Because you enjoy serving for Holy Mass. Because you want a good challenge: growing in virtue. Those are just a few reasons to attend Camp Greatness. Ask anyone who's gone and they can give you about 10 more.
Cost*: Middle school camp | $150
High school camp | $200
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*Are scholarships and/or discounts available?
Yes! There is now a Family Discount available for families who send more than one child to any of the diocesan summer camps (Camp Beloved or Camp Greatness). The first child must pay the highest priced camp and each additional child is $100. We also offer scholarships on an as-needed basis. Call or email Kevin Losleben (contact information found on Youth Ministry home page) for more information. Some parishes offer scholarships, so check with them as well.

Which deanery do I belong to?
Click here to see which deanery you belong to. If you are from outside the Diocese of New Ulm, don’t worry, we’ll find a team for you and they’ll gladly take you in.

Is Camp Greatness different than the Young Men's Discipleship Camp?
No. Same camp, different name. For those who have attended, Camp Greatness probably sums up what their experience of camp is: that what we strive for and are challenged to be is great. This is based on Pope Benedict XVI's quote: "Man was created for greatness—for God himself; he was created to be filled by God. But his heart is too small for the greatness to which it is destined. It must be stretched." 

What is "ManBall?"
You really have to experience it to understand, but suffice it to say: ManBall is dodgeball tailor-made for the manly men of the Diocese of New Ulm.

What is the food like?
The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary prepare the meals at camp (they are excellent cooks, by the way). Accommodations can be made for those with food allergies. Contact Cindy Blickem (contact information found on Youth Ministry home page) if you have food allergies.

What are the accommodations like?
Campers sleep in air-conditioned bunk rooms. Two rooms share a large bathroom.

What should I bring?
A packing list will be sent out one week before camp starts.

When is the registration deadline?
Although you can register at any time, please note that after 5:00 PM on July 12, a $25 late fee will be added to your registration fee.

Does Schoenstatt-on-the-Lake have a website?
Yep: here.

The Official Camp Greatness Logo (an explanation):
In the center of the logo and placed over a red Crusader's Cross is the pierced Sacred Heart of Jesus. On each arm of the Crusader's Cross are the letters (clockwise): P, T, I, F. These letters represent the Four Cardinal Virtues (in Latin: Prudentia, Temperantia, Iustitia, Fortitudo) and when practiced, like the Cardinal Directions, point us to a place: the Sacred Heart of Jesus. These virtues can be attained through human merit (as in, they do not require grace to be practiced), therefore they are placed in red (symbolizing humanity) and reside within but seem to proceed from the yellow circle around the outside of the logo, teaching us that although these virtues do not require grace, they are strengthened by a life of grace.
Around the aforementioned symbols is a yellow circle (symbolizing heaven) with the Three Theological Virtues in Latin: Faith, Hope, and Charity. These virtues can only be obtained through a life of grace.
Finally, within this logo is the phrase: "Virilis esse, esse sanctus." Which translates: "To be manly is to be holy."