The Hilary and Elizabeth Mohr Catechist Formation Fund was established to benefit and enhance the quality of religious education in St. Raphael Parish, Springfield, MN and in the entire Diocese of New Ulm. This fund provides four different areas of financial support for formation of catechists:

  1. Catechist Faith Formation Days or comparable special days offered to broaden faith experiences.

  2. Scholarships for workshops and/or seminars related to teaching religious education.

  3. Online college courses – numerous colleges have online courses for faith formation.

  4. Catholic college scholarship toward a degree in church ministry/leadership.

The Lay Ministry Scholarship Fund is to provide assistance to help in the qualifying formation/training of personnel currently in lay ecclesial ministries in the Diocese of New Ulm.

Funds are available to the following individuals serving in ministries in the Diocese of New Ulm:

Catholic school administrators and teachers, religious education directors, catechists, youth ministers, liturgists, and pastoral care providers.

Lay Ministry Grants

Have you ever thought about serving the Diocese of New Ulm as a DRE, teacher, canon lawyer, or pastoral care supervisor? Do you wish you could further your education in these fields, but don't have the resources to do so?

The Diocese of New Ulm offers the Lay Ministry Grant to individuals pursuing a master degree in theology, pastoral ministry, pastoral administration, liturgy, or canon law. Applicants must intend on serving in the Diocese of New Ulm upon receiving the degree, and they must attend one of the following schools:

St. Mary's University

St. John's School of Theology

University of St. Thomas

St. Meinrad School of Theology

The University of Dayton





For More Information:

Cindy Blickem
(507) 359-2966