Required Forms to be Provided and Completed Prior to Employment or Volunteering
[See your local parish or Catholic school.] Forms in Section A and B as follows: 

A) FCRA Summary of Rights and Background Check Consent Form(s)

**The National Background Check is applicable for adults only. Employees who are minors and between the ages of 16 and 18 complete the MN BCA background check consent only. If the minor is employed at the time he or she becomes 18, the National Background Check consent is completed at that time.

The following individuals need to have a MN BCA background check, as well as a national background check: Catholic school teachers, employees of a Catholic school, employees of a parish connected with a Catholic school, all Catholic school coaches (both athletic and academic programs, both employees and volunteers), all diocesan pastoral center employees, all parish and school custodians with key access to a facility regardless if associated with a Catholic school, and all employed minors** between the ages of 16 and 18. Catholic schools are required to follow the MN BCA requirements as set forth in MN statutes. 

B) Policy 13 and Appropriate Code of Conduct: Forms A & B Acknowledgement of Receipt

Catholic School Personnel Related Information:

Link to MN statues regarding background checks for school personnel       Note:  The current actual cost for the MN BCA is $8.00 per background check. The individual school employee may be asked to pay the fee either to the school hiring authority or to be made payable to MN BCA. Other individuals are to follow the requirements set forth by the parish/Catholic school. 

Additional requirement for licensed school teachers--Teacher Discipline Inquiry System (MN Statute)


Notification and Approval Request Forms

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