New Confirmation Rite gets the green light for use.

The new translation of the Order of Confirmation has been approved by the CDWDS and will be published by USCCB Publishing this fall.

The official date for the implementation of the new translation is Pentecost Sunday 2016. This means that beginning on May 15, 2016, only the new translation may be used. However, the new Order of Confirmation may be used as soon as it is published this fall.

Two key texts of the ritual have not changed in this new translation. The Bishop’s assent to the profession of faith remains as before: “This is our faith. This is the faith of the Church. We are proud to profess it in Christ Jesus our Lord” (nos. 23, 40). Likewise, the translators found no need to propose a modification of the text of the words used at the conferral of the Sacrament: “N., be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit” (nos. 27, 44, 55-56). Many other texts, however, are quite different, and contain a richer expression of the prayers of the rite.

Read more about the new translation and read examples from the text in this excerpt from the Committee on Divine Worship June Newsletter.