Bishop Lucker Lecture
7:00 PM19:00

Bishop Lucker Lecture

The New Pentecost - Receiving the Fullness of the Holy Spirit

Since the Second Vatican Council, our beloved popes have called upon the faithful to join them in praying for the outpouring of the grace of a New Pentecost. What exactly are we asking for in this prayer? What are the visible signs indicating that this grace is at work in the in a the Church today? And finally, who can each one of us respond personally to this moment of grace?

with Peter Herbeck

Peter is a native of New Ulm and is the vice president and director of missions for Renewal Ministries. He is co-host of EWTN’s The Choices We Face and Crossing the Goal. He is an author, speaker, and hosts the daily radio show Fire on the Earth.

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Brunch with Bishop
11:30 AM11:30

Brunch with Bishop

Come and Enjoy Brunch with Bishop John M. LeVoir

4th Annual Benefit for Catholic Schools

  • Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • 11:30 AM 1:00 PM
  • St. Anastasia Cathoilc Church (map)
  • 400 Lake Street SW, Hutchinson, MN

Bishop John M. LeVoir will assist in serving the brunch and greeting those attending. Guests will be asked for a free-will offering. Free-will donations will be allocated with 75% of the donations benefiting the diocesan endowments supporting Catholic schools and 25% to the local hosting school, St. Anastasia. Donors will also have the opportunity to specify the allocation of any additional contributions.

No reservations necessary.

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NWEA Representative Presentation
12:30 PM12:30

NWEA Representative Presentation

Location: New Ulm Pastoral Center, New Ulm

This NWEA presentation will be given by the nonpublic schools sales representative from Wisconsin. It is scheduled for a committee reviewing the use of the tool for those schools currently using the ITBS; however, any principal is welcome to attend or you are welcome to send one or two teacher representatives.

You may want to visit the website:

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Faith Formation Day
8:45 AM08:45

Faith Formation Day

Faith Formation Day for all Catholic school teachers in the Diocese of New Ulm - Monday, October 9 from 8:45 am - 2:45 pm at St. Catherine's Church in Redwood Falls. Theme:  Encountering the Person of Jesus with Sophia Institute for Teachers and Father Matthew Wiering. Mass at 8:45 with Bishop John M. LeVoir.

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9:30 AM09:30

File School's Plan For Schools Report Form with Diocese Schools Office

Two Week Notice: The Plan for Schools report notations for each school should be reported no later that May 30. It is a good reflection to use for adding new objectives to your schools' strategic plan. The form is found on the Principals Resource Page.

Find this link to the form - on the Principals' Resource Page

Condensed Form For School Reporting to Diocesan Office in April Annually 

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