Cor Iesu

Adoration and Youth

Let me pose a question: for those of us who work with you, what is our goal and how do we achieve it?

Let me pose an answer: our goal as youth workers is to bring youth to Jesus and we accomplish that by bringing them to Jesus.

It’s really that simple. Perhaps the greatest “youth event” we can organize is a Holy Hour. We literally bring youth to Jesus. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular: exposition, “O salutaris,” silence, “Tantum ergo,” benediction, a hymn. That’s it.

But that sounds so boring! Our youth live in a noisy, flashy world and they like noisy, flashy things!

Yes, yes they do. And Jesus entered this world on a silent night, he calmed storms, and he said, “Let the little children come to me.” I think he knows what our youth really want.

Sure, there is a place for games and pizza in youth ministry; it gets them in the door. And once they’re in, it’s good to have fun. But youth can have fun just about anywhere.

“Cor Jesu”

And here comes the shameless plug for Jesus (if there ever was such a thing). “Cor Iesu” is “Heart of Jesus” in Latin, and it is an excellent introduction to the concept of a “Holy Hour.” It is, essentially, adoration with contemporary praise music. It makes for a great youth event. Use it as a way to get your youth out of town, see the diocese, and have a personal encounter with Jesus. Use it as a kick-off to more regular and low-key Holy Hours at your home parish.

There is a description below of what this event is, as well as dates during the Year of Mercy. Bring your youth! Invite young adults! Come to Jesus!