UPDATE: YOUCAT Promotion from Ignatius Press!

Ignatius Press is offering the Diocese of New Ulm an excellent deal:

As a parish, order YOUCATs (or other similar book from Ignatius Press) using this link - http://tinyurl.com/YOUCATPROMO - by July 31 and receive a bulk diocesan discount. So you pay for the books as a parish and they are shipped directly to your parish, but depending upon how many other books are ordered in the diocese, you receive a bulk discount.

Here is a link to the discount bracket: 

UPDATE: Sounds like we're going to get into the 35% bracket pretty easily!

UPDATE: I contacted Ignatius Press in regards to the next steps. They said they are finalizing things on their end and will let me know once that is done.

UPDATE 9/9: Ignatius Press said the orders should be going out soon! Contact me if you have any questions/issues.