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In this issue:

  1. Connecting grads to the Church
  2. Netflix alert
  3. Deanery E&C Meetings
  4. Fr. Mike Schmitz: "Pray the Mass Like Never Before"
  5. Camp promo packs coming soon...
  6. Broom Tree Retreat 2019
  7. Safe environment announcements
  8. Upcoming diocesan and local events

Connecting grads to the Church

In March, Newman Connection will be sending every AFC and Catholic school in the Diocese a packet that will make connecting your graduates to a campus ministry in college quick and easy. There will be more information on this in the next issue of "The E&C Messenger."

To illustrate the importance of what Newman Connection does, I asked Becki Johnson to give a first-hand account of what campus ministry looks like today and why it is important to connect graduates to the Church in college. Becki coordinates campus ministry at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.
What does life look like for a Catholic on a college campus?  It looks a lot like what you imagine, with some added opportunities.  They have classes, clubs, friends, jobs, homework, homework, project meetings, and a little more homework.  Additionally, at Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU), and colleges across the country, students are offered opportunities for the sacraments, faith pilgrimages, service opportunities and community with others who share their beliefs.

Here, at SMSU, we have a vibrant, active community on campus.  Based on numbers we received when faith based information was collected and shared, we estimate the Catholic student population is between 6% and 8% of the approximately 3000 students served on our campus.  In any given week, we routinely see between 45 and 50 students, or approximately 20% of the Catholic students on campus.  Some students are stopping by for fellowship activities at the Campus Religious Center.  Others are attending either weekly or daily Mass within the AFC.  More join us for small group discussions on topics such as the Book of Matthew, Living Life with Passion and Purpose, or Dinner and Discussion.  They also find time at the CRC for studying and raiding the fridge for leftovers from one of the 6+ meals served each week.

According to a study the Newman Connection commissioned, approximately 5% of Catholic college students are actively participating in their faith. Many times, the challenge for students to connect lies in knowledge. They don’t know where to find their Catholic opportunities, and due to data-privacy changes, colleges can no longer collect or share faith based information, so Campus Ministry programs are unable to locate students in an effective manner.

When you receive your Newman Connection packet, please forward the information for your graduating seniors in the prepaid self-addressed envelopes you will receive.  The toughest part of a campus minister’s job is finding the students to minister to!  By providing this information, Newman Connection will prepare reports to give each ministry program the opportunity to build relationships with your students.  Thank you for doing your part in encouraging your students to continue their faith journey after they leave home.

Netflix alert

Perhaps you are already aware of two Netflix original shows - Big Mouth and Sex Education - that have become popular in the past year or so. Both shows are sexually explicit, yet available to anyone with a Netflix account.

The summary on Wikipedia describes Big Mouth as "an adult animated sitcom" which "follows a group of 7th they navigate their way through puberty, masturbation, and sexual arousal in the suburbs of New York City."

Also according to Wikipedia, "Sex Education follows 'a socially awkward high school virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother. He teams up with 'whip-smart bad-girl' Maeve to set up a clinic to deal with their fellow students' weird and wonderful problems.'"

It is up to you as to whether or not you discuss these shows with your students - it may cause otherwise unknowing youth to investigate them - but an announcement to parents would be helpful.

Deanery E&C meetings

A reminder about our upcoming deanery E&C meetings! Meetings start at 9am and generally conclude by 12pm.

Friday, Feb. 1: Deanery 1 (Lola's in New Ulm - 16 N Minnesota)
Monday, Feb. 4: Deanery 3 (Dunn Bros. in Hutchinson - 114 Main St. NE, Suite 102)
Friday, Feb. 22: Deanery 2 (Dana's home in Marshall - 603 Prospect Cir.)

Watch/listen to the Fr. Mike Schmitz video about the Mass for discussion (see below).

Fr. Mike Schmitz: "Pray the Mass Like Never Before"

Camp promo packs coming soon...

You will be receiving your "camp promo packs" soon for the diocesan summer camps - Camp Greatness and Camp Beloved. These packs include promo-cards to hand to youth and flyers to post around the parish. Please promote these great summer opportunities!

Broom Tree Retreat 2019

The diocesan Broom Tree Retreat will be held March 29-31 at the Broom Tree Youth and Family Camp in Irene, SD. This is an amazing opportunity for youth to grow in their relationship with the Lord. It is also an amazing opportunity for youth groups to grow - with their priests and/or adult leaders - in community.

If you are interested in bringing a group to this year's retreat, contact Kevin Losleben for more information or visit the webpage.

Safe environment announcements

  • Student VIRTUS make-up session reports due to by February 8.
  • Quarterly employee VIRTUS online training was posted on accounts on January 25.


Upcoming diocesan and local events:

February 9: Cor Iesu | Holy Redeemer, Marshall
February 25: RACE Sunday | Holy Redeemer, Marshall
March 2: Quinceanera Retreat | St. Pius X, Glencoe
March 10: Rite of Election and Continuing Call to Conversion | Cathedral, New Ulm
March 11: Bishop Lucker Lecture | St. Catherine, Redwood Falls
March 16: Hispanic Marriage Retreat | St. Philip, Litchfield
March 18: RACE Sunday | Holy Redeemer, Marshall
March 29: Brunch with the Bishop | Holy Redeemer, Marshall
March 29-31: Broom Tree Retreat | Irene, SD
April 11: Chrism Mass | St. Aloysius, Olivia
April 28: Divine Mercy Celebration | Holy Family, Silver Lake
more events...
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