The YM Newsletter | September 2016 | Hi there!


Hi there!

This is the first issue of "The YM Newsletter" (pretty original name, huh?). The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you up to date on youth ministry happenings within the Diocese of New Ulm and up to speed in the world of youth ministry, so hopefully you feel up to snuff with your work in youth ministry. The newsletter may change according to the needs of those it serves, but will always do so with the intention of being lighthearted (because we could use a little positivity once in a while), concise, and helpful. Thank you for all the good you do in youth ministry and may God bless your every endeavor!

In this issue:

  1. YM survey
  2. D-Camp follow up
  3. NET dates still available
  4. Upcoming events

Surveys are fun!

Ever wonder what others are doing around the Diocese in terms of youth ministry? Ever want to just talk about the joys, the struggles, and the day-to-day of youth ministry? Well, you're not alone; others do, too. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry would like to host the conversation. Click the button below to start the process.
Yay survey!

Camp is fun, too!

Another great year of the Young Women's Discipleship Camp! The theme this year was "Beloved." Here are (most of) the campers! A huge thank you to our camp directors: Srs. Regina Marie and Magdalena. Another huge thanks to our young adult counselors: Carolyn Conlon, Bethany Seifert, and Emily Schumacher.
See more "Beloved" photos here.
The guys from the Young Men's Discipleship Camp. Big thanks to Frs. Matt Wiering and Craig Timmerman, our seminarians (Ray, Nathan, John, Evan, Tanner, and Troy), Samuel Goedtke, and Jason Corby (assistant camp director). The theme this year was "Fearless" and the boys definitely proved themselves to be so.
See more "Fearless" photos here.

NET in the DNU

There are still two open dates for a NET retreat: October 25 and November 1. Email Cindy to book either of these dates:

Upcoming events:

September 17: Cor Jesu | New Ulm
September 24: Faith Formation Day | New Ulm
October 10: Gather Meeting | Olivia
October 21: Cor Jesu | Sleepy Eye | w/ recitation of Holy Rosary!
October 22: NET arrives in Diocese
more events...