Diocesan-Promoted Resources

Marriage Matters Lesson

Vocation Lessons

  • The diocese pays the access fees for the online Vocation Lessons for the students within Catholic schools.
  • The Web site is www.vocationlessons.com/lessons
  • The access code is available through the school principal by accessing the Principals' Resources page. Teachers may choose to use a Smart board for the instruction delivery.

Other Resources




Teachers' Resources


National Catholic Educational Association

Click on the logo to visit NCEA as the organization transitions to providing resources for teachers. The NCEA Talk Blog  is also a good resource. Teachers may want to follow the NCEA social media resource of their preference: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. All of these links are directly available through the NCEATalk Blog link.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Teachers are encouraged to explore www.usccb.org Web site for resources provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Many of the Offices of the USCCB have appropriate catechetical resources; only some of the resources currently available are linked below. If there is a USCCB resource not linked below that you have found helpful for teaching K-12 students, please let the Office of Catholic Schools know.

Classroom prayer and Mass intercessions regarding current and ongoing topics are appropriate for all grade levels. The various Offices of the diocese may also have resources posted that teachers will find beneficial.

The Minnesota Catholic Conference

www.mncc.org links resources and videos on its Web site and also maintains a YouTube site that has various videos from time to time that are quite appropriate for classroom instruction. Teachers will want to preview, as with all instructional resources, for age appropriateness and lesson objective alignments. The information linked at MNCC is typically aligned to one of the Conference's advocacy areas. 

Immigration Sunday Resources through www.mncc.org - 2017 Materials
Immigration Sunday is January 8, 2017--Use the materials throughout January or
as they best fit into your curriculum.