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The Respect Life Program "Moved by Mercy" resources are great resources for your on-going use. 

Simple, easy-to-use tools equip leaders across the spectrum of Catholic work, ministry, and education to integrate and share the message of mercy regarding life issues throughout the year.

A set of six articles highlights ways to put mercy into action while addressing a range of topics:  the tragedy of assisted suicide, navigating infertility, facilitating healing after abortion, end of life care, attentiveness to God's creation, and supporting birthmothers.

This year's program also offers action ideas, toolkits for clergy, social mediaand communications, and resources for parish bulletins, religious education, marriage prep, and Catholic high schools. 


Respect Life Program:  Moved by Mercy

The following are the Respect Life Materials.  The contents of the packet will be put on the Respect Life page at the USCCB Web site in a downloadable form so you can print them in your parish at the end of August. 


Caring for Loved Ones at Life's End

When loved ones approach life’s end, we may not know how to support them. Ten suggestions anchored in unconditional respect for human life help readers know how to provide authentically compassionate care.


Supporting Expectant Mothers Considering Adoption

Drawing from the personal experience of a mother who placed her child for adoption, this article gives nine pointers for offering ongoing support to expectant mothers considering adoption.


Serene Attentiveness to God's Creation

Drawing from Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato Si’, this article explores how healthy relationships with God, one another, and the rest of creation are key to a culture in which we value human life and care for God's creation at every level.


Seven Considerations While Navigating Infertility

Primarily directed to couples struggling with infertility, this article seeks to provide compassionate guidance that is both practical and informative.  Other readers may also find it helpful in better understanding this issue.


Bridges of Mercy for Post Abortion Healing

Real-life stories* illustrate how abortion might later affect someone's life.  How can we be bridges of God's mercy for people suffering after abortion?  Suggestions are directed to groups of people from all walks of life.

*Names changed for privacy


Every Suicide is Tragic

This article explores the tragic consequences of embracing a false distinction between requests for death by those with a mental illness and by those with a terminal illness.

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Description of Resource Guide

This full-color resource guide contains prayer resources, suggestions for uses of the 2016-2017 Respect Life Materials and more.  (Spanish will be available on line.)

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