New Age convert to Catholicism shares her story with New Ulm Council of Catholic Women Convention goers

SLEEPY EYE, MINN. - Approximately 241 people were registered to attend the 58th annual New Ulm Diocesan Council of Catholic Women Convention held Saturday, April 29, at the Church of St. Mary in Sleepy Eye. The theme this year was “Proclaim the Word of God.”

The keynote speaker was Cari Donaldson, a wife and homeschooling mother of six residing in Connecticut. Donaldson shared her story of conversion from a two-income quasi-New Age newlywed couple who resolved never to have children or to embrace any form of organized religion, to becoming a large Catholic family.

With intermittent twists of humor, Donaldson told her remarkable tale of being raised Presbyterian in the suburbs of Michigan, to her conversion to Catholicism and the peace she has found as a Catholic.