Feeling like you are politically without a home? Minnesota Legislature Candidate Questionnaire a good resource

(From Minnesota Catholic Conference Web site) - Many Catholics are experiencing a sense of political homelessness. Neither major political party seems to embrace a consistent ethic of life rooted in Gospel values. And if we let the presidential race color our view of politics, it can be easy to think there’s no room for Catholics in the public square.

But we can change this dynamic. It starts by investing our time and energy, not in a frustrating presidential election that we can do little to influence, but in the place where our voice and actions can make the biggest difference: our own communities.

To help equip you to end political homelessness in Minnesota, the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the political voice of the Catholic bishops of Minnesota, has produced the Minnesota Legislature Candidate Questionnaire. This resource will help you:

  • Get feedback on where candidates stand on important issues in our state, allowing you to be an informed voter
  • Build relationships with candidates, creating opportunities for future engagement
  • Educate your candidates on the issues that are important to you and other Catholics throughout Minnesota

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