Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

diocesan Youth Council

The Diocesan Youth Council exists to give youth of the Diocese of New Ulm an opportunity to grow deeper in their love of Jesus Christ and his Church by providing opportunities for fellowship, intellectual growth, spiritual growth, and human development.

What does the DYC do?

Lots of things, but to name a few:

  • attend Sunday meetings (about once per month)

  • help to plan youth rallies

  • learn more about Jesus and his Church

  • get to know other youth in the Diocese

  • go on an annual retreat/pilgrimage

  • grow as a peer leader

  • intercede on behalf of the youth of the Diocese

  • play games

Who can apply for the DYC?

Any practicing Catholic in the Diocese of New Ulm entering grades 10-12 interested in following Jesus.

HOw do I join the DYC?

By filling out an application (and having a parent and parish leader fill one out for you as well), sending it to Kevin Losleben at the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, interviewing, and being accepted to be a part of the DYC. More is explained on the application. You may either manually fill out an application or do it digitally either by emailing it or filling out the forms below.