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Office of Family Life

Office Description:
The Office of Family Life helps the faithful of the Diocese of New Ulm to know, love, and serve God by promoting marriage and family life according to the teachings of the Catholic Church and by a diocesan-wide educational approach to Natural Family Planning (NFP), the Theology of the Body, chastity education, and ethics and morality.


2015 National NFP Awareness Week

July 19-25, 2015

NFP -- Good for the Body -- Good for the Soul

The privilege of husband and wife to bring new life into the world is a gift from God. It is a sacred responsibility through which they participate in God's creative power. NFP helps the couple understand the beauty of this creative power by defining the scientific, natural, and moral aspects of family planning that allow couples to either achieve or postpone pregnancy. NFP is both life-giving, as it brings forth new life in the marital relationship, and love-giving, as it deepens and enriches the bond of love between husband and wife. It truly is good for body and soul!

Catholic Teaching

Discover the beauty of God's gift of marriage and its ability to give you a share in his creative love and power -- a love that brings new life into the world and increases and deepens the love of spouses.

What is NFP?

Learn about one of today's best kept secrets.

Current Medical Research

Research includes the areas of: NFP, human fertility, and related issues. Great resource for promoting NFP or for your own education and understanding.

Find an NFP Class

Whether its information about your diocese or a place across the country, you'll find info here.


The what, why, who regarding NFP for couples, clergy, teachers, health care professionals, and anyone promoting the good of the family.

Who Are We?

What NFP was, is, and will be.

Web Links

If we all work together, we can do great things.


USCCB Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage

World Meeting of Families

Philadelphia -- Sept. 22-27, 2015

On Sept. 22-28, 2015, the Diocese of New Ulm Office of Family Life will be leading a pilgrimage to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families. Since its inception by St. John Paul II the World Meeting of Families has strengthened the sacred bonds of family across the globe. This year’s theme is: The Gospel of the Family, Resource of Humanity, highlighting the good news of the family and its value to the good of society.

The meeting will provide the opportunity to hear internationally known speakers, participate in activities for all ages, and attend Holy Mass with Pope Francis.

Diocesan Pilgrimage Package includes:

- Round trip coach transfer from New Ulm to the airport

- Roundtrip airfare from Minneapolis to Philadelphia,(including airport taxes & fuel surcharges, subject to change)

- Hotel accommodations for 6 nights with breakfast, luxury motor coach transportation while in Philadelphia and for associated pilgrimage trips

- Two dinners at restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area

- Assistance of a Canterbury Pilgrimages & Tours representative while in Philadelphia

- Sight-seeing opportunities in historic Philadelphia as well as visits to various shrines and other places of interest.

Online Registration:

To register online for the diocesan Pilgrimage Package, click here. 

Note: The World Meeting of Families is not included

in the diocesan Pilgrimage Package. To register for the World Meeting of Families you will need to visit the official World Meeting of Families site. Click here

If you have questions, please contact Sr. Candace Fier at cfier@dnu.org or 507-233-5328.


World Meeting of Families

Educational Materials

In partnership with the publications of all Minnesota dioceses, The Prairie Catholic is launching a 10-part series on families based on the meeting's 10 themes. Several of these articles and columns will appear in the June edition of The Prairie Catholic.


"Humanum" Videos

Watch six 12-to-16-minute videos on the family and its purpose in society.



Help Parents Embrace Their Call to Be the Domestic Church

As the world follows the Synod on the Family convening Oct 5-19 in Rome, consider promoting these free four minute video reflections with parents to help them understand and embrace their call to be a domestic church in the world.

·       English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVhcaEEmDHo

·       Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFvg7oCr2SI

These videos have discussion questions at the very end which invite parents to consider how they are living their faith and passing it on to their family at home during the week. These videos are produced by Outside Da Box and provided as a free resource thanks to funding by the ACTA Foundation for the Strong Catholic Family National Initiative aimed at helping the Church partner more closely with parents to bring home the faith.


Host the Catholic Parent Revival via the Live Stream Feed

The first ever Catholic Parent Revival (CPR) will occur live in San Antonio on December 6 from 11 am – 5 pm CT. This event will also be live streamed and parish leaders and parents are encouraged to host their own small groups to view and discuss with one another. A program book with notes for the host will be available as a free download by mid-November for those interested in hosting a live stream group. To register, sign up for a live stream feed (one per site is required) and use the promotional flyer, radio ads and bulletin announcements found at www.catholicparentrevival.org to help spread the word. Attendees will be treated to a day of inspiring speakers, moving music, and meaningful prayer as they breathe new life into the role that faith takes within their home, the domestic church.



Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program

The Marriage Preparation Program is a full-day Saturday program conducted with the help of married couples at the St. Aloysius Jubilee Center in Olivia. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with the first presentation at 9 a.m. The program will end after Holy Mass at approximately 6:30 p.m. It is designed specifically for engaged couples and is an opportunity for them to explore and strengthen their relationship.

The program complements preparation efforts at the parish level and addresses key aspects of married life: commitment and sacramental marriage, communication—including intimacy and sexuality issues, conflict—including gender/personality issues and addictions, children—including natural family planning and parenting, career—including financial planning and work/leisure issues, and church—including interchurch, interfaith, and spirituality issues.

2015 Marriage Preparation Program Dates:

January 31

February 21

February 28

March 21

April 11

September 12

Marriage Preparation Registration Form 2015

For further information contact: Catholic Pastoral Center, Family Life Office, 1400 6th St. N., New Ulm, MN 56073; (507) 359-2966.


Remarriage Preparation

The Remarriage Preparation Program is designed for couples in these situations: one or both are divorced and the annulment process has been completed; one or both are widowed or already in a second marriage and desire to have their marriage validated in the Church.

In addition to topics covered in the regular marriage preparation program, the remarriage preparation program considers topics such as step-parenting and blending families, relating with a partner's former spouse and in-laws, and grieving issues related to divorce or death of a former spouse.

2015 Remarriage Preparation Program Dates:

March 14 (St. John Parish, Hector)

August 29 (St. Aloysius Jubilee Center, Olivia) (Note the change in date, from August 22 to August 29)

Remarriage Preparation Registration Form 2015

For further information contact: Catholic Pastoral Center, Family Life Office, 1400 6th St. N., New Ulm, MN 56073; (507) 359-2966.

Check back soon for a Remarriage Preparation Registration Form for 2015.


Natural Family Planning

List of NFP physicians, practitioners, and trainers in the Diocese of New Ulm.

Natural Family Planning, or NFP, is an umbrella term for methods that allow a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy by monitoring the wife's fertility.

There are many different programs that provide methods of NFP. Each program teaches either the ovulation method or the sympto-thermal method. Each is a safe, natural, and reliable way of timing pregnancy.

In the Diocese of New Ulm, both NFP methods are being taught with three programs represented: FertilityCare (ovulation), NFP International (sympto-thermal), and Couple to Couple League (sympto-thermal).

  • For a list of NFP physicians, practitioners, and trainers in the Diocese of New Ulm, click here.
  • For more information on what NFP is, check out the July 2012 issue of "The Prairie Catholic," page 10.
  • For more information on NFP and the programs in the diocese, contact Sr. Candace Fier, 507-359-2966.


Other Programs

Marriage Encounter

A program for married couples who want to strengthen their marriage. For more information about program dates in Minnesota and the Dakotas, call 507-644-3523.

A program for couples considering separation or divorce. To find a Retrouvaille Program in your area, visit

www.retrouvaille.org/dates/php or call 1-800-470-2230.



Promoting Marriage and Family Life

Do your part to promote the authentic definition of marriage. Get informed by reading the following talking points about (1) the Supreme Court decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8 and (2) the authentic meaning of marriage.

(1) Talking Points - Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8

(2) Talking Points - Authentic meaning of marriage

For more information about the Church's teaching on marriage, check out the DNU Marriage Protection page: http://www.dnu.org/word/defendmarriage.html.


Questions and Answers about Girl Scouts of the USA

and about Catholic Scouting

The USCCB Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth has been in dialogue with the Girl Scouts of the USA over the last year. In recent years, key questions were raised by parents and Catholic leaders concerning GSUSA, which led to questions about Catholic participation in Girl Scouts.

The purpose of the dialogue is to provide information and further mutual understanding in order to offer guidance to bishops, leaders, and parents. Resources are provided below.



Ethics Articles (Updated July 2, 2013)

List of resources

  • Documents, Web sites, and other information on social concerns, Catholic social teaching, marriage and the family, and pro-life issues.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Offices and Initiatives

For Your Marriage

  • An initiative of the USCCB


Marriage: Unique for a Reason

  • An initiative of the USCCB

USCCB Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth

USCCB Pro-Life Activities

USCCB Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development

Other Resources

Minnesota Catholic Conference

Catholic Charities USA

Diocese of New Ulm

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